2021 Design Trends

As 2020 comes to an end, we are hopeful for what 2021 will bring.

A lot of things are uncertain, but one thing is for sure: great design will continue!

We’ve done our research for the 2021 design trends and here are five that stood out the most:

1. Minimalism

we’ve seen minimalism take a stand over the past years, especially in UX Mobile Website design. This steady shift for minimalistic aesthetics will continue across social media posts, logos, landing pages, branded merchandise, and adverts in general. Clean, easy to read and understand is what’s up.

2. Muted color palettes

Soft hues or colour combinations with low saturation feel safe and secure, natural and organic. The bright, neon trend caught on a bit too well and this is why for next year, we’re going to see less colour saturated design.

3. Geometric figures

this trend was popular in 2020 and will continue to be so. Hard edged, abstract shapes give a range of feels to the design, from modern to professional. The big plus is that geometric figures go really well with muted colour palettes.

4. Simpler data visualization

less is more so when sharing data in graphic design, forget a bunch of numbers. Choose the right information and find a simple way to communicate it and add value to the person looking at it.

5. Illustration

more brands are using illustration to add character and make the designs be more memorable. Illustrations with authentic representation rather than stereotypes, retro futurist and surrealist illustrations are going to be a big hit. Make sure you include some of these to make your designs more unique.


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