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Brand Design by COG Design

We love brands. Doesn’t get much more simple than that, so it’s no surprise most of our best work is realised through the designs we supply our clients who run brands.

COG Design began from servicing action sports, surf, skate and snow brands around 2000 with a full design suite. Since then we’ve earned our stripes across numerous industries such as medical, legal, automotive, construction, industrial, water, telecommunications, health and many more.

All design projects are managed directly with the client which not only ensures a desired result, but also enables our client designer relationships to become a little closer which ideally creates a better end product. Our clients rely on our designers for their expert advice across all facets of any design project, which we love as it adds more dimension to what each of our team are involved in.

Our clients partner with COG Design for a superior approach, solution and result.

We offer advice, design and production services which include printing booklets, brochures, flyers, magazines, pamphlets, postcards and stickers. With a range of innovative design techniques and processes our graphic design solutions are outcome focused and ensure an effective and engaging visual product.

We know how important design and branding is for any company and brand. The fundamentals of design communication for a business demands consistency and a broader view of the company visual identity.
 COG Design offers a full through the line creative service, if required, or simply smaller reactive design design projects.

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