Creative Direction Brand Design project for Hydroflux Technology.

COG Design is proud to deliver the completed Creative Direction Brand Design project for Hydroflux Technology.

The brief was to deliver a firm creative direction for the Hydroflux Technology company, a strategic and unified suite of visual communication assets was required.

Hydroflux Technology is the innovative arm of the Hydroflux group. Our extensive experience has acquired a vast well of intellectual property and is transferrable via products, services and processes. Our ongoing product development, improvement and innovation sees our ip in a constant state of evolution. Hydroflux Technology is part of the Hydroflux Group.

Creative Direction is a fundamental element to brand management, at COG Design we take care of our clients brand direction and creative assets as if they were our own. At a high level the creative direction solutions for Hydroflux Technology required a neat corporate edge, one that pursues trust, intelligence and professionalism. It would demand a consistency that represents the highly detailed and technical nature of what Hydroflux Technology delivers, and communicate neatly the type of business and personnel in which makes up the Hydroflux Technology company.

With the client demanding attention to detail, a crisp and timely execution this creative direction project tested the methodologies of COG Design and our ability to mix commissioned photography, our own stock photo library and third party stock photo, by using over 100 images to reach the final creative direction suite for the Hydroflux Technology business unit.

COG Design continues to support Hydroflux Technology with creative solutions, graphic design, stationery design and corporate brand development.

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