Corporate Creative Direction Design

We know you need a trusted professional partner to direct the creativity of your business.

The graphic designer needs to be affordable, clever, solutions focused and direct the communications of the business. Plus, you’d like the design agency to help you understand what a strong brand does for a company.


COG Design is a Sydney branding agency delivering functional and bespoke creative direction for corporate businesses.

To drive unified corporate business communication, well managed Creative Direction is key.

Corporate Creative Direction Design

  • Our design studio manages the direction of corporate creative across both print and digital channels, we pursue performance and consistency for our corporate partners and the broader company creative position.

    Successful corporate creative direction which communicates the business itself is realised by the response by company stakeholders, shareholders and the public – obviously a positive one is desired. COG Design Creative Directors begin the creative management process for all our corporate clients by first learning the brand position and assessing whether or not this position meets the broader company objectives. They go hand in hand.

  • COG Design is a Sydney Branding Agency is located in the suburb of Cronulla which is in the Sutherland Shire. We communicate with neat customer service and operate with strong project management skills.

    COG Design are professionals in the management of a corporate creative direction and the subsequent creative suites, these include all styles of communications across print, digital, radio, TV and experiential. We supply corporate creative direction management tools to ensure any corporate identity will remain consistent, from a cohesive and performance based approach to creative design and communications, and  ensure all marketing spend towards creative is justified and managed.

    COG Design provides solutions in creative direction for all corporate businesses, and with the assistance from COG Strategy we’re always strategic in our thinking and execution. This support ensures a professional and considered solution for existing and new clients.


Below are some examples of our work. Click through and browse some of our client projects, it will give you an idea of our agencies capabilities.
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