Social Media Design

Social Media for your brand is a key method of connection to your business. To take advantage of the statistic below, you first need your social media channels optimised, and a Social Media Strategy in place. Hello COG Design Brand Agency.

There are 1.01 billion daily active users on Facebook, 894 million of these are active daily mobile users.

Social Media Design

When you first realise you’re not achieving the likes, shares and follows your brand initially expected – first look at your content and how it’s designed.

There needs to be an awareness of your audience and what stimulates their decisions. Great design starts the solution process.

COG Design optimise social media channels ideally to inspire the user to connect emotionally and logically to a business and brand via the content itself, when you fill your social media channels with all the digital heavenly glory they deserve then magic happens – traffic and customer enquiry!

In our design studio our social media experts understand that our clients have often experienced the trials and tribulations of social media. We often see social channels that have been neglected, the content skimped on. Start here for some simple first aid.

The COG Design methodology in social media design is not dissimilar to how we treat any offline channel or brand element – simply put we want you to win and avoid having your digital communications being thumb scrolled into the abyss.

We’re a Sydney Social Media agency and welcome client meetings with our design team at our head office, located in the Sutherland Shire suburb of Cronulla. COG Designers communicate with dedicated customer service and project management savvy – we’re here to make our clients look good.

With 14 million Australians on Facebook it makes it our top social media site. There are 320 million monthly active users (MAU) on Twitter, and 5 million Australians on Instagram.

And today with 70% of Australians accessing social networks with their Smartphones, it’s our job to make sure that the COG Design methodology towards social media activity considers this and the above statistics.

We focus on designing social channels and content to cut through, to inspire users to share click and like, to recognise the branding and mostly to position your buisness and communicate the right elements. If your audience has seen your magazine advertising or website then it’s likely the viral performance of your social channel will perform if there is consideration to the overall design components.

COG Design delivers professional design services across Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and even a Vine Reel if you think you need some of that action.

We’re proud custodians of our clients social media channels, running and managing campaigns, manipulating  budgets and delivering appropriate call to actions. Our job is to ensure that our clients social media activity is up to scratch and consistent with the rest of the business online, and offline.

Our consideration to social media when designing for the digital marketing spectrum is up the top of the importance pyramid. By nature people will often first go to social channels to assess the accessibility and quality of a brand or business first, before they investigation further. So you better get in touch with COG Design today to make your social media look beautiful.