Directions In Groove (DIG) Clearlight Album Creative Direction

COG Design is proud to deliver the Directions In Groove (DIG) Clearlight Album Creative Direction.

The brief was to deliver the creative direction, photography and graphic design for the Directions In Groove album Clearlight, which represents the key track to the album and also aligns with the bands heritage and genre.

At a high level the creative solution needed to cut through to a new audience and perform to support the national launch, including a key performance at the Sydney Opera House of the Clearlight album. Part of what COG Design is passionate about is ensuring our creative solutions for musicians delivers against their brand objectives while honouring what their music is trying to say.

  • Scott Saunders – keyboards, vocals
  • Rick Robertson – saxophone
  • Tim Rollinson – guitar
  • Alex Hewetson – bass
  • Terepai Richmond – drums, percussion

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