Is David Carson and his graphic design style still relevant today?

As surfers, COG Design are always keeping a close eye on the surf world, it’s our domain and we take that as a invitation to comment and throw opinion on all things surf creative and design.

David Carson is an American graphic designer, art director and surfer (which is why he’s is referenced here on COG Design). Best known for his break-through magazine design, and use of experimental typography. Art director for the magazine Ray Gun for a bunch of years in which he used much of the typographic and layout style for which he is still known today.

Mr Carson designed 151 new logos for the WSL (World Surf League) The end result you’ll see on the WSL website. DC’s opinion –

“It has no soul. The logo just doesn’t represent the sport very well. It’s pedestrian, unoriginal, forgettable,  safe, gentrified and corporate. All things surfing is NOT, at least to me. The zillions of people worldwide, intrigued for decades, who might have felt surfing is unique, are now being shown, no, it’s not. The essence of surfing, the surfing experience, what people feel about it are all belied by this mindless little logo.”

The verdict isn’t out for COG Design. Being surfers we tend top agree with David Carson. Though being commercial designers delivering Corporate Design we’re close to saying yes it does the job.

So, is David Carson and his graphic design style still relevant today?

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  1. I reckon, he’s a design legend. Just because his style isn’t the flavour of the day, doesn’t mean he isn’t relevant!

    I mean, people flock to see the Mona Lisa but I don’t see China Heights loading up any fine art styles like this of late, if you follow.

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