SONO Fashion Accessories Creative Direction and Photo Shoot

COG Design is proud to have delivered the SONO Fashion Accessories brand Creative Direction and Photo Shoot.

The brief was to deliver a photo shoot and creatively direct it for photography to be used across digital channels to assist in launching the fashion accessories brand, SONO.

SONO is all about giving an individual the opportunity to express themselves through colour using fashion accessories. SONO thrives off knowing that colour is a powerful communicator and stimulator, it has strong emotional, physical and psychological powers. People have favourite colours are directly motivated by them. COG Design enjoys working with the SONO brand as we’re also inspired by colour in our everyday working processes.

At a high level the brand required a creative direction that would set itself up to be recognised as a female targeted brand, primarily using colourful scarves to launch the brand in the first photoshoot. With a key colour suite to promote and the brand architecture delivered to the photographer the creative direction was fine tuned in post production.

The COG Design agency in Cronulla, Sydney are excited to be involved in fashion projects as it’s where some of our careers began. Our professional experience is carried through all our work we deliver our clients, which is why year on year we continue to grow through our clients projects and deliver better work than we did yesterday.

COG Design delivers creative direction and photoshoots for many licensed brands and product lines like SONO. We’re also supported by COG Digital who support the COG Branding Group with Photography and Video services, and digital content.

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