Cripps & Cripps Real Estate Corporate Identity Rebrand

COG Design are proud to have delivered Cronulla Real Estate Agent, Cripps & Cripps, their Corporate Identity Rebrand.

COG Design was approached by local Cronulla property agent Cripps & Cripps Real Estate to rebrand their Corporate Identity. The agency had gone through numerous brand identity changes prior to this project. COG Design had inherited the Coldwell Banker Cripps & Cripps version of the real estate agency, and it was our job to strip it back to being an independent real estate agent once again.

Our Cronulla located Sydney based design studio and graphic designers knew their business intimately, and with some assistance with Strategy from COG Strategy the rebranding projects were successful.

COG Design continues to Cripps & Cripps with creative solutions, print design, content design and brand management.

To read more about COG Design Cripps & Cripps Case Study on Rebranding please visit here >


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